Our Food

In Peix d'Or we offer fresh fish and top quality seafood cooked by weight. Just approach to our stall and choose the product that you most like. We cook it whatever you want and as you choose. While waiting, you can see our chefs in action and be seduced by the smell coming out of our stoves.

In our house you'll always eat healthy meals. Because we care about your diet, therefore, we don't increase the caloric intake of the recipes you ask us, we cook to your taste, but always bearing in mind the most appropriate methods of healthy cooking, such as steaming or grilling.

Besides, you can always accompany our dishes with wine, champagne, beer, soda, or perhaps one of our superb vermouths. In Peix d'Or we stimulate your appetite, do you know that right next to our Seafood Restaurant there's our Vermutería d’Or?

Come in to discover and enjoy a gold gastronomic experience! In our house, you always choose the amount. Pay only for what you want to eat and if you want more, don't hesitate to ask for more!